Family photography at the Union Station

Union Station Photography

Summer killed my productivity. As a result, I have been way behind on the “weekly” blog and now I have some catching up to do.

A little more than a month ago I met with the Pittman family at the Union Station in Ogden for a family photography session.  We decided to do the family shoot at the train station because of the bright playful colors of the trains in the backdrop.

Union Station Photography

The station was busy that night. It was one High school’s PROM night and the station’s dining experience was a popular date activity. Despite the crowds we managed to find some quiet privacy by the tracks where the trains rested motionless. The colorful blues, reds, and yellows of the trains splashed life into the otherwise steel-grey background.

The Pittman family wanted a variety of shots from full family photos to individual portraits. The trains provided an excellent prop for the family to naturally arrange themselves across and we were able to quickly move from one scene to the next.

Union station photography

It was a joy working with the Pittman family and I look forward to any future contact from them!

If you like the family photography done for the Pittman’s and would like to see similar photographs, please visit my studio portfolio page. If you’d like to get in immediate contact with Reality pd you can visit the contact page.

One thought on “Family photography at the Union Station

  1. What a fun time we had with Ryan during our photo shoot! His artistic eye combined with his natural ability to help people feel comfortable created portraits that will hang on our wall and in our memories for a long time.
    We highly recommend Ryan for all of your photo needs as we will continue to use him for ours.
    Thanks Ryan!

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