Merry Christmas from Zion!

Emerald Pools - Zion

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone!  I hope you spend the season with family and friends (and possibly with a camera in hand).

I spent my weekend before Christmas at Zion National Park.  My brother desperately wanted to go camping before it got too cold, so we decided to head south.  Much to his surprise, it was already cold and the red-rock walls of Zion canyon were covered in snow and ice.  Despite the poor weather, it made for some more dynamic images!

I also created a cinemagraph of the water trickling down the icicles.  I hope you enjoy a little moving images, even with it’s incredibly long load time (it’s a big file..I don’t know why it wouldn’t properly compress).

God bless you all!

"Ice Crystals" - Zion

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